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Transcending the Levels of Consciousness epub

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness. David R. Hawkins

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness

ISBN: 9780971500747 | 414 pages | 11 Mb

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Transcending the Levels of Consciousness David R. Hawkins
Publisher: Veritas Publishing

It's too long to list here though. There's a book called Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, where David Hawkins lists the "attractions and aversions" at each level. And we can see these stages, or levels, of consciousness not only in the development of individual psychology, from infancy to adulthood, but in the development of human culture over millennia. However, you can only do this by changing your perception and or transcending to a higher level of consciousness. When a yogi transcends normal stages of consciousness and moves towards turya, he begins to feel the bliss and becomes bewildered by its effect. This is when you begin to transform your life by appealing to the collective consciousness (ancestors). Through the various techniques of yoga, we can transcend our normal level of consciousness, self-definitions, beliefs, and conditioning. Pride as a field of consciousness, by Hawkins. Transcending the Levels of Consciousness explores the ego's expressions and inherent limitations and gives detailed explanations and instructions on how to transcend them. It takes energy to transcend this level of consciousness, which is why we see so often that such individuals gravitate towards those who seem to have conquered fear and who offer to lead them out of the slavery that it holds.